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What is Anodic Protection?

Anodic protection is a process by which passivity is used as protection against corrosion.

What is Passivity?

Passivity is an electro-chemically produced surface condition characterized by a highly reduced reaction ability in a given fluid.

What materials can be protected against corrosion with Anodic Protection?

Metallic materials can be protected against corrosion by anodic polarization if:

  • They can be passivated in the attacking electrolyte and provide the rest potential of the attacking electrolyte
  • The rest potential of the material is in the range of an active corrosion.


Anodic protection is only suitable for systems which can be passivated.

Anodic Protection Process

Process Diagram

Anodic Protection Process Legend

Apex Engineered Products Partners with eKS For Internal Corrosion Protection (Anodic/Cathodic), Corrosion Monitoring (Electrical/Gravimetric)

Sulfuric Acid Coolers With Anodic Protection Fabrications:

Recent AP Fabrication

AP Fabrication 1

Sulfuric Acid Cooler with Anodic Protection

AP Fabrication 2

Anodically Protected equipment built by Apex Engineered Products

AP Fabrication 3

Sulfuric Acid Cooler with Anodic Protection

Anodic Protection System (ACP)

AC/DC Conversion Technology

DC Control Technology


• One electrical package 

• No transformer

 Easy maintenance and replacement

• 5 years guarantee (AC/DC power unit)

Notably, eKS has not experienced even a single power unit failure in 30 years!

DC Control Technology

AC-DC Conversion Technology


• Microprocessor technology

• All Electrodes are monitored

• All controller 4-20 mA output signals can connect to all the DCS System.

DC Control System, the system’s brain, controlling the reference electrodes is expertly engineered to allow for effortless replacement of failing controller(s) without any specialized tools and equipment.  Apex Engineered Products maintains an inventory of spare controllers for rapid dispatch to the customers’ site and offers Emergency Kits upon request.  Please contact us for more information about available Monitoring and Service Packages available after commissioning.

A special project design for one of our clients

A special project with anodic protection designed and manufactured by Apex for one of its customers

Advantages of eKS GmbH Anodic Protection System for sulfuric acid coolers:

Reference Electrode R1 by eKS

eKS Reference Electrode R1

Type Hg/HgSO4 Electrode Features & Benefits

• Special-sleeve R1“, material 316 L

• Special chemical filling with platinum pin inside

• Specially developed by eKS

• Temperature independent

• Maintenance-free

• Measurement accuracy

• No contact between platinum pin and acid = no maintenance is needed for the reference electrodes by eKS

• Special eKS double shielded cable is included

• Only the original cable provides reliable results

• Measurement results and data is secure

The eKS Reference Electrodes are built with a special half-cell to measure the potential and contain a proprietary chemical filling and the Platinum Pin. Since there is no direct contact between the platinum pin and sulfuric acid, accurate measurements are provided in real-time, and NO maintenance is needed!

The controller reaching the passive potential is set up and adjusted during commissioning and can adapt the protection potential automatically to the fluctuations during operation in the sulfuric acid temperature and the sulfuric acid concentration.

Mechanical Sealing of Cathode by eKS and APEX

We use bigger cathodes made from Hastelloy B2 to reach
the full area inside.
The sealing of the cathodes is made with special PTFE isolators. They provide maximum usage of the cathode.

Because of this there are no sheats are needed.


• Easy maintenance and replacement

• Almost total surface contact with the acid

• Fewer cathodes can be used

• Long life time of the cathode is assured

Mechanical Sealing of Cathode by eKS and APEX

A tedious R&D development process spanning many decades had allowed the eKS to perfect the isolation of the cathode to nearly 100% surface coverage! In comparison, competing solutions offer only 30% of the surface area to transfer the protective current to the sulfuric acid cooler and require frequent, time-consuming, and expensive recalibration and maintenance procedures. These significant eKS advantages are further amplified by a unique means of inserting and mounting the cathode, resulting in minimal maintenance requirements.

Custom Equipment To Fit Your Unique Needs

Equipment for Anodic and Cathodic Protection
Equipment for Anodic and Cathodic Protection
Equipment for Anodic and Cathodic Protection
Equipment for Anodic and Cathodic Protection