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Apex Engineered Products is not only a world leader in the manufacturing of heat exchangers and other chemical process equipment, but it is also a widely recognized Repair, Service, and Equipment Reconditioning provider.

We offer On-Site and In-House Repair, Alterations, Upgrades, and Modifications of Heat Exchangers and other Chemical Process Equipment. Our professional services are available 24 / 7 / 365.

While it is cost-effective and convenient to have your aging, faulty heat exchanger, or other equipment repaired on-site, it may be necessary to perform these services at our state-of-the-art repair center. The severity of the problem to be mitigated will determine the suitability of one approach over the other.

We can perform on-site Repair, Service, or Upgrades of your aging or faulty Heat Exchanger!

Dedicated and highly trained service crews are available 24/7 for immediate dispatch in the United States and worldwide. Please contact us for details.

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This preferred method offers access to our controlled clean-room environment and accessibility of all specialized tools and equipment.  Depending on the severity of the problem, this solution may be more cost-effective.


Please contact us for details.

Heat Exchanger Repair Before and After Repair Example

Swipe the cursor to see before and after photos of this heat exchanger.

Heat exchanger before repair photo 1 Heat exchanger after repair photo 1
Before Heat Exchanger Repair - Photo 3. After Heat Exchanger Repair - Photo 3
Heat Exchanger Before Apex Engineered Products Repair - Photo 4. Heat Exchanger After Apex Engineered Products Repair - Photo 4.
Heat exchanger before repair photo 2 Heat exchanger after repair photo 2

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Do you need a faulty part or component repaired?

Apex Engineered Products is a fabrication and repair center specializing in servicing exotic, reactive, and high-nickel alloy components including, coils, strips, hubs, blades, fans, shafts, wall liners, and others.

If you have a faulty component, we can repair it or upgrade it – Quickly, Efficiently, and Inexpensively!  All our services carry some of the best warranty in the industry. We maintain a large inventory of forged, preassembled, or semi-assembled parts and replacement components

Remember!  If you have a faulty or under-performing heat exchanger, a defective component, or system, contact Apex Engineered Products Service Center.  We are ready to help 24/7/365!

Hundreds of pre-assembled components in stock and ready for immediate dispatch

Apex prefabricated heat exchanger components photo 2.
Apex prefabricated heat exchanger components photo 1.
Apex prefabricated heat exchanger components photo 4.

Exotic Metals for Sale

Would you rather tackle your equipment repair by yourself? Apex Engineered Products offers many exotic and reactive metals for sale.  Please see our on-line surplus inventory (examples below), or consult with our experts.

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