Reactive Metal Heat Exchangers

Reactive Metals Heat Exhangers

ZIrconium Heat Exchangers Built by Apex Engineered ProductsZirconium


Zirconium (Zr), is extremely adherent, stable oxide film gives it the characteristic of excellent chemical resistance to many aggressive chemical reagents. It exhibits best-in-class corrosion resistance to alkalis and acids. It resists nitric acid in concentrations up to 95% and temperatures to 400°F. Zirconium fights attack by most alkalis, organic compounds and organic acids. It has excellent resistance to seawater and brackish water.

Titanium Heat Exchangers by Apex Engineered ProductsTitanium


Titanium (Ti), is one of the most resistant materials to the effects of salt water corrosion and is virtually immune to atmospheric corrosion. Titanium can withstand the corrosive effects of metallic salts, chlorides, hydroxides, nitric and chromic acids. Titanium has been proven effective in a number of industries including, chemical, petrochemical and marine industries.

Niobium Heat Exchangers by Apex Engineered Products.Niobium


Niobium (Nb), also refereed to as Columbium, is very similar to tantalum. It has the lowest melting point of all the refractory metals covered, the lowest modulus of elasticity and thermal conductivity, and the highest thermal expansion. It also has the lowest strength and lowest density of the refractory metals.

Tantalum Heat Exchangers by Apex Engineered Products.Tantalum


Tantalum (Ta), forms an extremely stable, protective oxide film making it one of the most corrosion resistant metals known. Below 300° F it is inert to all concentrations of hydrochloric, nitric, sulfuric and phosphoric acids (up to 85%).

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Apex employs advanced proven software and years of experience to specify, design and fabricate heat exchangers to meet your exacting application and process requirements.

Our capabilities range from 4″ diameter to 80″ diameter shells up to 40 feet long. Apex heat exchangers can be fabricated to a wide variety of codes and specifications including ASME.  We offer S&T in single pass, multi-pass, u-bundle or floating head designs.

Building upon our experience, APEX is geared to optimize your heat exchangers rating, maximize cost-effectiveness and select the most appropriate construction techniques. This approach ensures trouble-free operation, under the most demanding environments, contributes to easier and quicker maintenance and greater efficiency.

Tantalum Tantalum Bayonet Style Heat Exchanger with supported stinger tubes

Tantalum Bayonet Style with supported stinger tubes


Built by Apex

Apex utilizes state-of-the-art technologies throughout its entire assembly and manufacturing process. These include GTAW w/Cold Wire Feed Buggo Semi Automatic WeldingMiller Summit Arc 1000 Submerged Arc Welder, QuickMill, Maxiem Abrasive Waterjet Cutting, and many others.  See our technology pages for more information. 

Titanium Shell built by Apex Engineered Products.

Titanium Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Zirconium Falling Film Evaporator

Zirconium Falling Film Evaporator

Titanium TEMA AEL Type Heat Exchanger

Titanium AEL Type Heat Exchanger

Zirconium Waste Acid Tank

Zirconium Waste Acid Tank

Titanium Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Titanium Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger