Anodically Protected

Sulfuric Acid Coolers

Sulfuric Acid Molecule.APEX is rapidly becoming a major designer and manufacturer of high efficient Anodically Protected Shell and Tube Acid Coolers. Our team consists of specialized personnel in project management, thermal-design engineering, and sales engineering combined with many years of heat transfer experience. We utilize current state-of-the-art tools such as HTRI, ASPEN, PV ELITE and AUTOCAD. Over the years we have developed and utilized proprietary design features such as baffles and cathode supports to ensure and maintain passivation and pressure drop requirements.


APEX’s highly efficient Anodically Protected Acid Coolers are protected from the hot concentrated sulfuric acid by an advanced anodic protection system developed by our partner, EKS . Established in 1989, the EKS Corrosion Protection is an industry leader in manufacturing, research, monitoring, and protection against corrosion. A properly applied anodic protection system will minimize general corrosion and prevent hydrogen grooving of all immersed surfaces. The added benefit of reduced iron pick up will help maintain acid purity.

APEX utilizes Maxiem 2400 by Omax to meet and exceed the most demanding fabrication requirements!

Apex utilizes the MAXIEM 2040 abrasive WaterJet to easily machine almost any material, from steel and titanium to carbon fiber, composites, and more. 

With our optional A-Jet 5-axis cutting head, we can achieve maximum productivity for all your 3D machining needs.

DID YOU KNOW? We use Controlled Current Source, as well as Dye Testing, Helium Leak Testing, and UV Testing, throughout the fabrication process.

Sulfuric Acid Coolers Built by Apex

Sulfuric Acid Cooler built by Apex Engineered Products.

Sulfuric Acid Cooler for major fertilizer producer

Baffle and Cathode Design by Apex Engineered Products

Proprietary Baffle and Cathode Support Design