HXT Tube Heat Exchangers

We are excited to announce that Apex Engineered Products has launched a HXT Tube Division* offering free design and consultation services for your current equipment. Please note that HXT Tube Solutions offer unparalleled economic advantages in upkeep, maintenance, and overall operating costs. You may realistically expect a 30%-50% improvement in performance.

What is HXT Tube And How It Works

Apex HXT Tube  is fluid conduit that is designed to eliminate the Newtonian shear forces in conventional pipe and tube. It ensures that suspensions maintain uniform continuity throughout the transit from point A to point B. Usually this is from an agitator to a chemical reactor. Absent HXT Tube, Newtonian shear promotes precipitation of heavier and bulkier compounds out of the thinner and lighter fluid.

Compared with the legacy smooth pipe designs, where the fluid moves in a linear fashion, our HXT Tube solution provides for the fastest motion and highest pressure through the center of the conduit, while the slowest motion and lowest pressure are nearest to the walls. That low-pressure area is where the most significant benefits of separation and precipitation are most notable.

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The unique design of Apex HXT Tube prevents the formation of layers and precipitation through its innate turbulence. That turbulent remixing, along with the helical flow from the twist in the tube, ensures that all components within the fluid move efficiently through the system.

TurboTube Solutions for ChlorAlkali Producers
TurboTube Solutions for ChlorAlkali Producers

One of the tremendous benefits comes from CIP (Cleaning In Place). The same turbulence that limits and prevents precipitation also aids in dissolving such precipitates that develop by maximizing contact with cleaning agents. Oxidation-reduction happens faster, and organic particulates such as bacteria and molds are more readily bound to surfactants and forced into the cleaning stream. And when CIP is not viable, much less brush cleaning is required, reducing downtime; cleaning is more thorough as the bristles move sideways and lengthwise.

Increase Your Heat Exchanger Efficiency by 30% to 50%

See how we can dramatically improve your equipment efficiency and dramatically decrease its footprint.

Apex TurboTube
TurboTube by Apex Engineered Products
Apex TurboTube

There is a unique benefit in geometry when it comes to heat exchangers. HXT Tube is formed with a uniform wall thickness to ensure resistance to pressure along its length for reliability and service longevity. This also contributes to the rapid accumulation of insulating condensates on the exterior. When these form mists, they create an insulating layer that impedes heat transfer. HXT Tube creates a fast aggregation and drips off, and optimum heat exchange through the metal.

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* HXT Tube is a registration-pending trademark of Apex Engineered Products.