Graphite Heat Exchangers, Columns, Ejectors

GRAPHITE is an allotrope of carbon (softer than the gemstone diamond, but brittle) having crystalline form categorized as a non-metal that still conducts electricity. Synthetic Graphite is impregnated with resins (phenolic or PTFE) and is suitable for handling various corrosive applications. It offers excellent corrosion-resistance to many chemicals and possesses good thermal conductivity and resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks.

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Impregnated Graphite Properties:

Density gm/cc
1.8 – 1.9
1.8 – 1.9
Thermal Conductivity W/m2c
170 – 213
74 – 89
Tensile Strength N/mm2
20 -24
27 -33
Flexural Strenght N/mm2
30 -36
45 – 56
Comprehensive Strength N/mm2
60 -70
75 – 90
Co-efficient of thermal expansion mm/mm/°C x 10-6
3 – 4
3 – 4
Permeability cm2/sec x 10-6
2 – 3
3 – 4
General Suitability: Phenolic Impregnated Graphite: 190°C, PTFE Impregnated Graphite: 230°C

Product Range:


Process Systems

Process Systems

In addition to the accreditations listed at the bottom of this page, Apex can also meet the following product requirements: “CE” marking as per PED/2014/68/EU, Japan Pressure Vessel Class, KOSHA, DOSH, EAC, SANS 347, and many others.  Please contact us for more details.

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Graphite products are well established in sectors like:





Other product lines such as Graphite Electrodes for the steel industry, Special Purpose Graphite, Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics, Pipes and Tanks are also available upon request. Please speak to our Sales Engineer.

Graphite Heat Exchangers:

Recent Fabrications:

Made with Graphite

Graphite Columns

• Columns are available in Tray type or Packed type or Combination of both

• Tray types – bubble cap, turbo grid, sieve type

• Packed columns with variety of suitable internals (ceramic Intalox Saddles, graphite raschig rings)

• Column internal diameter ranging from 100 mm ID to 2400 mm ID

• General design pressure: 5 Bar G / Full Vacuum


Applications in absorption and distillation

Graphite Ejectors

• Single-stage and multi-stage depending on vacuum required

• Steam jet and liquid jet

• Capacity to ensure a vacuum of 0.5 Torr

• The ejector system can be supplied with surface condensers or mixing condensers

• Skid mounted unit

Graphite Pumps

• Flow rates of 1m/hr up to 200m/hr with a differential head of 400 meters

• Single mechanical seal and double mechanical seal (with cooling arrangement)

• All wetted parts are in Graphite

Acid Dilution & Cooling Units

• Units are offered for dilution of Sulfuric acid and Hydrochloric acid

• Compact arrangement of mixer and cooler

• Cooler in Polyblock type or Shell and tube type

• Unit is supplied with necessary accessories

Sulfuric Acid Concentration Units

• Units are designed and manufactured for producing sulfuric acid of around 705 strength from dilute acid having strength as low as 20%

• Unit can be single-stage or multi-stage depending on inlet acid concentration

• Unit consists of thermosiphon reboilers, gas liquid separators, condensers, ejector system, product acid cooler

• With multiple effect concentration, the steam economy can be achieved, thereby reducing operating cost

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Apex Engineered Products offers industry-leading after-sales service support to our customers.


Our technicians and engineers provide on-site support for the supervision of erection, commissioning of equipment, and trouble-shooting, repairing, and training.  See our Services Page for more information.

HCl Synthesis Unit

• Top fired unit to produce commercial grade 30% to 37% Hydrochloric acid with minimum free chlorine content OR Dry HCl gas in Chlor-Alkali, Paper & Pulp, Metal Extraction industry.

• Complete skid-mounted system consisting of equipment, ancillary equipment, interconnecting piping, instrumentation and necessary automation.

• Capacity ranging from 1 TPD up to 200 TPD (100% HCL basis)

• Efficient burner design to ensure smooth functioning with Chlorine purity as low as 21%

• Suitable for moist feed conditions

• HCl in vent < 5 ppmv

• Heat recovery in the form of Steam generation

• Online cleaning/washing facility of burner / Automatic start-up / Start-up with compressed air

• Turn-down capacity of 25%

• Supplied more than 100 HCl Synthesis units worldwide


• Combustion chamber (furnace), falling film absorber & Burner too in – Impervious Graphite (steel jacketed)

• Tail Gas Tower – Impervious Graphite

HCl Synthesis Unit

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HCl Absorption Unit

HCl Absorption Unit

• Absorption of HCl /HF / HBr gases required in Monochloro benzyne / Sulphate of Potash production / MDl-TDl/CPW etc.

• Falling film absorbers in Shell & tube and Polyblock construction

• Product Hydrochloric acid concentration ranging from 5% to 37%

• Absorbers can be designed to handle dilute gas [for less than 2% to 3%]

• Absorption can be continuous as well as in batch operation

• Complete skid-mounted system consisting of Falling film absorber, Tail gas tower (Packed bed scrubber), Intermediate tank, Recirculation cum product transfer pump, interconnecting piping, instrumentation, and necessary automation

Dry HCl Gas Generation Unit

• Commercial grade 30% to 38% Hydrochloric acid is used to produce dry HCl gas via 2 (two) routes based on byproduct:

      225 HCl Azeotropic Solution Byproduct

      – or –

      1% HCl solution Byproduct (required in API, chloro-sulphonic acid & specialty chemicals)

• Dry HCl gas purity is more than 99.9%

• Capacity ranging from 25Kg/hr to 5000 Kg/hr of HCl gas

• Maximum operating pressure of HCl gas produced by 22% HCl solution byproduct route is 3 Bar G

• Maximum operating pressure of HCl gas produced by 1% HCl solution byproduct route is 1 Bar G

• Complete skid-mounted system consisting of equipment, ancillary equipment, interconnecting piping, instrumentation, and necessary automation

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Raw graphite blocks material.

Graphite Blocks

Raw graphite blocks are used in the manufacturing of heat exchangers.

Graphite materials

Graphite Materials

Graphite materials used in the manufacturing of heat exchangers.

Machining and drilling graphite.

Machining & Drilling

Machining and drilling of graphite material.

Machining of graphite materials.

Machining & Drilling

Equipment used in machining and drilling of graphite.

Graphite impregnation facility.

Graphite Impregnation

Graphite impregnation facility.

Finished graphite blocks.

Finished Graphite Blocks

Finished graphite blocks.

Finished graphite blocks.

Finished Graphite Blocks.

Finished graphite blocks

Automated Graphite HCL Synthesis Unite

Automated HCL Synthesis Unit

Automated Graphite HCL Synthesis Unit.

Graphite Dilution & Cooling.

Dilution & Cooling

Graphite Dilution & Cooling

HCL Synthesis Units

HCL Synthesis Units

Graphite HCL Synthesis Units.

Packing and despatch of graphite equipment.

Packing & Despatch

Packing and despatch of graphite equipment.

Graphite equipment repair and reconditioning.

Repair & Reconditioning

Graphite equipment repairs and reconditioning.