Zirconium Cooler Condenser Fabrication

Zirconium Cooler Condenser Fabrication

Zirconium Cooler Condenser Fabrication

Apex Engineered Products delivered Zirconium 702 Cooler Condenser to a leading international chemical producer.  Designed and fabricated per ASME SECT. VIII, DIV 1, with 304L Stainless Steel Shell, Explosion Bonded SA-224-302L Zirconium 702 Tubesheet, Zirconium 702 Tubes, and 304L Baffles, the unit underwent a rigorous battery of spot checks, and tests including, Pressure Tests, Spot Radiography, Joint Efficiency Tests, and LPT & PMI on both the Shell Side and Tube Side.  Another intricate fabrication from Apex and its team of experts!  For more information about our Zirconium design and fabrication capabilities, please contact us at, or call 724-962-8717.

Zirconium Cooler Condenser Photos:

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