Ultrasonic Leak Detection Testing & Sensing

Ultrasonic Leak Detection Testing & Sensing

Apex Engineered Products goes to great lengths to assure its fabrications’ necessary and required quality, reliability, and longevity. To those in the know, complex fabrications can cost millions of dollars, and even the slightest deviations and mistakes can lead to costly repairs and unforeseen and dangerous problems down the road

Ultra-Sonic Leak Detection Equipment used by Apex Engineered Products
Ultra-Sonic Leak Detection System

Maintaining the highest standards in design and fabrication is particularly critical in the Lethal Service applications, but equally important to all vessels leaving our shop. Simply put, there are no second chances! We have worked long and hard to establish ourselves as one of the World’s premier designers and fabricators – and steadfastly continue on this path. With hundreds of weld procedures under our belt and many test procedures (many of those pioneered in-house), our products meet and exceed many of the industry’s standards.

Ultra-sonic leak detection procedure performed on Zirconium Nitric Acid Condensers
Ultrasonic leak detection on Zirconium Nitric Acid Condenser

Ultra-Sonic Leak Detection Procedure

The Ultra-Sonic Leak detection procedure, broadly known as Acoustic Testing, is one of the many test procedures utilized at Apex Engineered Products. The principle of operation of Accu-Testing is based on the turbulent flow of fluids and gasses. Turbulent flow has a high content of ultrasound that is above the human hearing range, but can be heard with properly calibrated equipment and then traced to the source of the leak. The test is performed after the unit was already Pneumatically and Helium tested, while gas or fluid is present in the vessel under testing. This particular test allows our skilled technicians to pinpoint specific problem areas, identify them, and mitigate them if necessary.

Ultra-Sonic Leak Detector
AccuTrack Leak Detection System

Has your chemical process fabrication been “Apex Designed, Fabricated, and Tested”? Contact us to have it done right – the First Time!

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