Turbine Gas Heater for Nitric Acid Production

Turbine Gas Heater for Nitric Acid Production

Responding to an ever-increasing demand for production of fertilizers, fibers, and polyurethanes, this multi-national conglomerate tasked the experts at Apex Engineered Products to design and fabricate an intricate Turbine Gas Heater for its Nitric Acid production plant. Known for its extreme corrosiveness, the production of nitric acid vessels require both unique metallurgy and fabrication processes.

Not for the faint-of-heart fabricators, this turbine gas heater with jacketed shell unit was fabricated of carbon steel with 304 and 357, explosion clad and weld overlay. Among its unique design features was an inner shell constructed with 347SS and 304SS.

The unit went through rigorous testing and retesting, including the Apex’s industry-leading “AP-Fail/Pass” battery of tests, X-Rays, multiple hydro tests for both inside and outside walls, and a Post-Weld Heat Treatment, (PWHT), to mention just a few.

Under an ever watchful eye of external inspectors, and multiple in-house spot-checks along the way, the unit passed with flying colors and was delivered to the customer.

Job Well Done Apex Team!

Turbine Gas Heater Ready For Delivery To Customer

Early Fabrication Stages

Welding Process Highlights

Welding of Turbine Gas Heater Photo 4

Fabrication Process Highlights

Turbine Gas Heater Fabrication Photo 10

Testing & Inspection Highlights

Turbine Gas Heater Positive Material Identification

Final Pre-Flight Testing & Delivery

Turbine Gas Heater Ready For Delivery To Customer

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