Tower Condenser For Brine Dechlorination

Tower Condenser For Brine Dechlorination

Tower Condenser For Brine Dechlorination

Apex Engineered Products, a leading designer and manufacturer of chemical process equipment for major chemical producers worldwide, delivered a Brine Dechlorination Tower Condenser to an international Chlor-Alkali, Vinyls, and Epoxies producer. Expertly designed and fabricated in Clark, PA, United States, the unit features Titanium Tubes and Channels as well as Explosion-Bonded Titanium Tubesheets with carbon steel shell. Before the delivery the condenser underwent an extensive battery of reliability and quality control tests, including:

  • Helium Testing
  • Dye Penetrant Testing
  • Cleaned For Chlorine Service
  • Nitrogen Purge
  • Hydrotest
  • Tube Sheet Mock-Up

A testimony to the quality of Apex’s products is evident in the technical assessment of the customer’s own inspector, who deemed Apex’s QC procedures to be “very organized and comprehensive, while weld maps and MTR reference table to be outstanding.

Brine Dechlorination Tower Condenser Photos:

Please note the exquisite quality of the welds on this unit.

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