Titanium Grade 2 Heat Exchanger Fabrication

Titanium Grade 2 Heat Exchanger Fabrication

Titanium Grade 2 Heat Exchanger Design & Fabrication

The design and fabrication of sophisticated High-Metal (Titanium, Niobium, Zirconium, Tantalum, and custom-engineered metals’) heat-exchangers is a well-known trademark of Apex Engineered Products – an industry leader in the design and fabrication of chemical process vessels for major producers worldwide.

A major international chemical conglomerate commissioned Apex to design and fabricate this sophistical Titanium Grade 2 Heat Exchanger for one of its critical production processes. 

Constructed of Titanium Grade 2 Tubes, Ti Grade 2 Explosion-Clad Tubesheets, Alloy 625 Bellows Expansion Joint, and strength-welded throughout, this heat exchanger will play a pivotal role in producing polymers.  Before shipping, the unit underwent LPT, PMI, Tubes Hydro Expansion, and other QC testing throughout the fabrication process.

For more information about Apex and its engineering and fabrication capabilities, please call 724-962-8717 or E-mail  We look forward to hearing from you.

Ti Grade 2 Heat Exchanger Photos:

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