Titanium Grade 2 Heat Exchanger Fabrication

Titanium Grade 2 Heat Exchanger Fabrication

Titanium Grade 2 Heat Exchanger

Titanium Heat Exchanger Fabrication is one of the Apex Engineering Products’ foremost specialties.  This Titanium Grade 2 Heat Exchanger Fabrication was delivered to a leading North American producer of chlorine and sodium hydroxide where it has performed flawlessly for several years.

It features Seamless Carbon Steel Shell, Titanium Grade 2 Channels, Ti Grade 2 Tubes, and an SA-516 Clad with Titanium Grade 2 Clad Tubesheet. Manufactured per ASME SECT VIII, DIV 1, this Ti Heat Exchanger received a gamut of tests, including Pressure tests, Full Radiography on Tube Side, Joint Efficiency, LPT/PMI, and other proprietary reliability tests.

Praised for their reliability and outstanding workmanship by chemical companies worldwide, Apex-manufactured Titanium Heat Exchanges play a pivotal role in all major chemical production industries. We can’t claim that we have invented Titanium fabrication, but we have certainly improved many processes associated with Ti machining, fabrication, and welding.

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Titanium Grade 2 Heat Exchanger:

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