Titanium Coil Fabrication For Metals Producers

Titanium Coil Fabrication For Metals Producers

Jeno G. completed fabrication and welding of over 40 Titanium Coils.

Jeno G., Apex’s rising star in Reactive Metals’ fabrication and welding completed fabrication of over 40 Titanium Grade 2 coils for a leading international metals company.  Not a small feat for sure! Note, that a cleanroom must above all be clean!  Here, at Apex, we go to great lengths to keep our cleanroom just that – clean and free of contaminants! 

Do you have a Titanium project in works? Do you need a Titanium heat exchanger, Ti cooler, condenser, tank, reactor, or a custom fabrication? With hundreds of weld procedures in place, and thousands of fabrications under our belt, we can do it on-time and on-budget! Call the Titanium Experts at Apex at 724-962-8717, or e-mail

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