Nitrogen Purging

Nitrogen Purging

One of the promises we make to our customers is that when a finished product arrives on their worksite it is fit and ready for duty the minute the truck arrives.  This means that the inside of the unit must be free of moisture which could complicate the installation and slow down the start up.  Following the aggressive hydro-testing of our products, we may take the extra step of performing a nitrogen purge to dry the unit as detailed in the pictures here.  If water is retained inside, rapid corrosion as well as molecular modifications to the agents being funneled through the process may occur resulting in expensive time delays for our customers.

Nitrogen purging is the act of removing and replacing an unwanted atmosphere-in this case water from the hydro-test – with an inert nitrogen atmosphere.  Nitrogen is circulated within the unit at a pre-determined pressure helping to free the inner walls of oxygen and moisture.  Why Nitrogen?  Nitrogen is dry and non-combustible.  Using nitrogen displaces moisture and oxygen and creates a more stable climate.  The end result is a dry unit ready for installation.

Nitrogen purging - Apex field services photo 8
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