Heat Exchanger Glycerine Reboiler Fabrication

Heat Exchanger Glycerine Reboiler Fabrication

Responding to an ever increasing need to keep the world safe and healthy during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, a leading multi-national producer of chemicals called upon the expert at Apex Engineered Products to design and fabricate a robust solution for their critical product line. In its initial fabrication stages, the unit is constructed with 680 (2205SS Stainless Steel) tubes, 316SS Tube Sheets, carbon steel shell, and 316SS Bonnets. It will also feature a unique hinge design allowing for easy maintenance, inspection and servicing in the field. Apex and its team is proud to be at the forefront of the efforts to combat the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Early Fabrication Stages

Heat Exchanger Glycerine Reboiler Early Fabrication Stages - Photo 3

Apex Artisans At Work

Welding and plasma cutting - Heat Exchanger Glycerine Reboiler Fabrication Photo 6

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