Graphite Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers

Graphite Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers

Graphite Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchangers For Far East

Graphite Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Graphite Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger


  • Graphite Shell & tube heat exchangers find application as coolers, heaters, condensers, interchangers, reboilers, evaporators and falling film absorbers
  • Tube sizes available – 7/8” ID x 1 ¼” OD, 1” ID x 1 ½” OD, 1 ½” ID x 2” OD
  • Surface area from 1 m2 up to 1600 m2
  • General design pressure rating of 9 bar g / full vacuum on process & service side

Graphite Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger Photo 2

Over 5,000 Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers Supplied Worldwide

Contact Apex Engineered Products for more information! More about our graphite design and fabrication capabilities can be found on our Graphite Heat Exchangers, Columns, and Ejectors Page.

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