Hi-Precision Titanium Internals For An Emergency Scrubber

Hi-Precision Titanium Internals For An Emergency Scrubber

Even though it is destined to be mounted inside a massive 48 foot tall emergency scrubber (see this Vent Scrubber unit in a previous post), this module still requires the precision of a Swiss watch to meet performance expectations.  Because of our expertise in specialty metals, we recognize that special care must be taken during every step of the process to ensure cleanliness and integrity (look for our Clean Room post).  Challenging?  Of course, but not a problem for the creators at Apex.  Simple or complicated our talented band of artisans can make it happen-just like we have been doing for more than two decades. These precision Titanium internals are are “Apex Precise”!

Note the impeccable Titanium Welds executed by the Apex Artisans!

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