Sulfuric Acid Coolers with Anodic and Non-Anodic Protection

Sulfuric Acid Coolers with Anodic and Non-Anodic Protection

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Apex Engineered Products is pleased to announce the delivery of four Sulfuric Acid Coolers to a world-leading producer of fertilizers.  The project was a culmination of Apex Engineered Products’ collaboration with several European and Asian partners.  

Expertly engineered to exceed even the most stringent demands of reliable operation under the most adverse corrosive conditions, the vessels were fabricated with 316SS, 904L, 254 SMU, SX Sandvik, AL6N.  Three units manufactured with 904, 254 SMO offer Anodic Protection, while the Non-Anodic Protection unit was fabricated with SX Sandvik patented materials and technology

It is noteworthy that Apex is one of only a handful of companies worldwide capable of executing complex projects of this nature on time, on budget, and without fumbles resulting in prohibitively expensive repairs and modifications down the road.

Why should you choose Apex to design and fabricate your Sulfuric Acid Cooler?

There is a multitude of reasons, but let us mention just a few: Apex vessels are uniquely designed to allow cooling media to reside either on the Shell-Side or on the Tube-Side, (depending on the customer requirements), and can be fabricated for either seawater or freshwater applications. Apex units are manufactured by experts with attention to every detail – big and small.

Our inspection and test plans are an industry benchmark assuring that your multi-million vessels don’t turn into sprinklers after installation in your plant! We ought to note here that among many reasons for the high failure rate of units built by other companies is a lack of adherence to the necessary standards, guidelines, and procedures – many of them developed and pioneered in the United States by Apex

To help keep track of each step of the design and fabrication process, we have invested considerable resources into developing our easy-to-use Customer Virtual Inspection Portal. Log in and see what we do and how we do it in real-time.

Complex projects and technologies call for only the best in the business. Contact our engineers for all your sulfuric acid equipment needs.

Sulfuric acid coolers staged for freight at Apex Engineered Products

Fabrication of Sulfuric Acid Coolers Photos

Photos of welds produced by Apex Artisans

Loading & Freight Preparation Photos

Loading & Freight Preparation Video

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