Phosphoric Acid Evaporator

Phosphoric Acid Evaporator

Graphite Phosphoric Acid Evaporator
Phosphoric acid evaporator

Phosphoric acid evaporator supplied to an Asian customer

Nearly 90% of Phosphoric acid produced is used to manufacture fertilizers.

Shell & Tube Type Forced circulation evaporators are installed to concentrate feed of 25-30% P2O5 to 46-54% P2O5.

Features of Phosphoric Acid Evaporators:

  • Graphite Tube size – 38 mm ID x 51 mm OD
  • Chromium oxide coated tube sheets to resist erosion
  • Carbon fibre reinforced Graphite tubes to enhance strength
  • Baffles in Impregnated graphite
  • Carbon steel shell with bottom 1 meter in UB6 (SS904L) / SS316L
  • Domes / End chambers – UB6 (SS904L) or Rubber lined carbon steel

Contact Apex Engineered Products for more information! More about our graphite design and fabrication capabilities can be found on our Graphite Heat Exchangers, Columns, and Ejectors Page.

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