Nickel-Clad Trimerizer

Nickel-Clad Trimerizer

Helping to meet the demands of a hungry nation while combatting the menaces of climate change this North American company called on the battle tested experts at APEX.  Just back from post weld heat treat, this nickel clad unit is in its final stages of assembly.  Ensuring that the unit performs as responsibly as designed requires “in the moment” data collection.  While gathering critical statistics may be high tech the interpretation of the numbers still requires the experience of a master craftsman.  Fortunately for this project, APEX has both.  Check back later and watch the transformation as this unit assumes its role in the battle to save the planet.

Fabrication & Testing

Apex Trimerizer Fabrication Photo 12

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Coating, Painting & Final Testing

After several months of fabrication and intense quality control testing, this state of the art Apex-fabricated trimerizer unit was painted and coated prior to loading.

Apex Trimerizer Photo 23

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Loading & Freight

After final quality control inspection, the trimerizer was carefully prepared for its long journey across the country.

Apex Trimerizer Loading Photo 7

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Loading Video

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