Nickel Alloy Heat Exchanger Delivered

Nickel Alloy Heat Exchanger Delivered

Nickel Alloy Heat Exchanger
Nickel alloy heat exchanger for pharmaceutical production

Apex Engineered Products delivered a first-stage reactor Nickel Alloy Heat Exchanger to a major U.S. pharmaceutical producer.  Fabricated with C-276 (Nickel Alloy) Tubes and Tubesheets and a carbon steel shell, the unit was UT and hydro-tested, sandblasted, and painted before the delivery to the customer site. To see fabrication photos, please click here.

Apex Engineered Products is the world leader in the design, fabrication, repair, and refurbishment of heat exchangers for major chemical producers worldwide.  Please call us at 724-962-8717 or email us at for all of your heat exchangers needs.

Heat Exchanger Photos:

Installation At the Customer Site:

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