Multi-Stage Reactor

Multi-Stage Reactor

Complex chemical processes require complex and robust chemical process equipment solutions. To fill an urgent need for the design and fabrication of an intricate multi-stage reactor, this multinational producer of additives for polymers, paints and sealants, reached out to the company that can deliver on-time and on budget – Apex Engineered Products! Meeting and exceeding the demanding service conditions in heat transfer of highly-corrosive substrates, this Hastelloy C-276 / 316SS vessel is surely going to turn the heads and deliver – time and time again! Apex Engineered Products: State of the art process equipment solutions for chemical producers worldwide!

Vessel Type: Multi-Stage Reactor
Material of Construction: C-276 Vessel and internals and 316 SS Water Jacket
Customer: US-Based Multinational Chemical Producer
End Use Application: Proprietary Corrosive Chemicals Intermediates /
Product Category: Corrosive Chemicals, Heat Transfer, Hastelloy C-276, Reactor, Jacket Reactor, Demanding Service Conditions

How Is A Multi-Stage Reactor Fabricated?

Multi-Stage Reactor Fabrication - Photo 1

It begins with an idea to make the processes better, more efficient, and to improve upon it – methodically, step-by-step …

You need the right people at Apex who are the experts at what they do, and the tools that empower them.

You carefully fabricate it – on-time and on-budget!

You inspect at it and test it at every stage of fabrication, to make sure you got it right – the first time!

Stay tuned … more to come …

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