Incoloy N08810 And 316H Turbine Gas Heater

Incoloy N08810 And 316H Turbine Gas Heater

Incoloy N08810 Turbine Gas Heater

Apex Engineered Products delivered an Incoloy N08810 Turbine Gas Heater to a leading Multinational Producer of Fertilizers and Agricultural Goods. Expertly designed and fabricated Per ASME SECT. VIII, DIV. 1, with 316H Shell & Channels, Seamless Incoloy N08810 Tubes, and Incoloy N08810 Tubesheets, the unit underwent a rigorous battery of tests, including Full Radiography on both Shell and Tube Side, Joint Efficiency Testing, as well as LPT & PM Testing. After its deployment the unit will play a pivotal role in fertilizer production.


Apex Engineered Products is also a leading fabricator of Heaters for the Oil & Natural Gas Industry and offers a full range of thermal solutions to petroleum & natural gas producers, including Heater Conditioners, LNG Thermal Solutions, Turbine Heaters, and many others.  Please call us at 724-962-8717, or E-Mail for more information for all of your Heating & Thermal Needs. Our Team is on standby!

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