Hydrogen Seal Pods Design And Fabrication

Hydrogen Seal Pods Design And Fabrication

Hydrogen Seal Pods Design And Manufacturing.
Hydrogen Seal Pods designed and fabricated by Apex Engineered Products

Apex Engineered Products delivers Hydrogen Seal Pods to a major US chemical producer and saves the customer hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process!

There is nothing simple, inexpensive, or easy about the production and processing of chlorine. A major US chlorine producer turned to Apex to design and fabricate several Hydrogen Seal Pods for one of its facilities.

To avert the necessity of fabricating the necessary Hydrogen Seal Pod units with prohibitively expensive Hi-Nickel materials, Apex designed and manufactured these tanks with carbon steel and internally coated them with PPG Amerlock® Glass Flake Epoxy Lining. The lining was utilized to prevent the entry of hydrogen into the process and to make the interior of these tanks immune to corrosion and the harmful effects of water on carbon steel over time. During the manufacturing process, the units were internally and externally sandblasted, painted, and underwent 100% RT Long-Seam X-Ray per Section VIII Division 1.

Relying on its vast experience and a chain of vendors and partners in the industry, Apex Engineered Products delivers innovative, timely, and cost-effective solutions to a wide variety of customers in the chemical process industry worldwide.

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