Hydrogen Seal Pods (Chlorine Storage Tanks) Delivered

Hydrogen Seal Pods (Chlorine Storage Tanks) Delivered

Chlorine Storage Tanks
Hydrogen Seal Pods designed and fabricated by Apex Engineered Products.

Apex Engineered Products delivers two additional Hydrogen Seal Pods to a major US chemical producer

Continuing with a slew of fabrications to meet the unprecedented demand for its products, Apex Engineered Products delivered the remaining two Hydrogen Seal Pods to a major US chemical producer.

See an overview of the innovative, cutting-edge technologies used to fabricate these Pods Here.

Relying on its vast experience and a chain of vendors and partners in the industry, Apex Engineered Products delivers innovativetimely, and cost-effective solutions to a wide variety of customers in the chemical process industry worldwide.

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Hydrogen Seal Pods Photos:

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