Heat Exchanger for Chlor-Alkali Production

Heat Exchanger for Chlor-Alkali Production

To more efficiently manufacture their premium heat transfer fluid for customers from the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains, this Western Pennsylvania chemical distribution company turned to another Western Pennsylvania company-APEX.   While the design of this carbon steel unit may appear simple, its functionality is anything but.  The attention to detail shown here is what sets APEX apart from other vessel producers. World class customers understand that when you need exceptional quality at affordable prices you need APEX.

Customer: International manufacturer and supplier of chemicals
Application: Chlor-Alkali, Medical, Plastics
Unit Type: Heat Exchanger

Apex Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger Weld Fabrication Closeup Photos

Note the exceptional quality and robustness of our welds. Upon inspection of this unit, our customer pointedly noted, “Yes, this is definitely going to last a long time!”

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