Graphite HCl Synthesis Unit Shipped

Graphite HCl Synthesis Unit Shipped

Our partner, Graphite India Limited, supplied their 4th HCl Synthesis Unit to a repeat customer in Far-East.

HCL Synthesis Unit
Photo: Graphite HCl Synthesis Unit

GIL HCl Synthesis Units Highlights:

  • Suitable for manufacturing commercial grade 32-37% HCl solution in chlor-alkali, paper & pulp industry with capacity ranging from 1 TPD to 200 TPD (100% HCl basis)
  • Engineering expertise and decades of experience with 125+ units supplied worldwide
  • Skid mounted unit with operation in complete auto mode
  • Uninterrupted performance of more than 2 decades
  • Execution of multiple repeat supplies
  • Industry-leading after-sale support

With proven excellence in performance, Graphite India Limited and Apex Engineered Products are your most trusted partners worldwide.

Please contact us for all your graphite needs.

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