Explosion Clad Heat Exchanger Fabrication

Explosion Clad Heat Exchanger Fabrication

Explosion Clad heat exchanger fabrication

Apex Engineered Products delivered the sixth Explosion Clad and Nickel-Shrouded Tube Trimerizer Heat Exchanger to a leading East Coast Crop Protection Company. Given the complexity of the design, the units were comprised of the nickel-shrouded tube sheet, and explosion-clad materials wrapping a carbon steel body; the fabrication process required high precision, and the highest level of expertise in fabrication and welding – all found exclusively at Apex Engineered Products.

Developed and subsequently refined through its ongoing reiterations to meet customers’ complex design and fabrication demands, the unit will play an essential part in producing food articles and their derivatives.

Apex Engineered Products is an industry leader in designing and fabricating complex heat exchanger systems for premier chemical producers worldwide. For more information, please email, or call 742-962-8722.

Explosion Clad Heat Exchanger Photos:

Fabrication photos can be found here, here, and here.

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