Custom Titanium Fabrication

Custom Titanium Fabrication

Custom Titanium Fabrication Example

Apex Engineered Products provides Custom Titanium Fabrication Services in most Ti Grades, including Grades 2, 7, 11, and others.  We offer high-precision design services, machining and welding of many typical and not-so-typical Ti parts or systems, including, Fans, Coils, Baskets, Anodes, Diodes, Liners, Hooks, Brackets, Headers, Piping, and many other types of Titanium fabrications.  Our Feld Services crews are available for dispatch nationwide and offer affordable and reliable on-site repairs and alterations of your existing Titanium installations.  

Please call us at 724-962-8717, or email for all your Custom Titanium Fabrication, Welding, or Repair needs.

Custom Titanium Fabication Example:

An example of a Titanium Grade 2 Spray Header fabrication for one of the largest North American Chemical Producers.

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