Coronavirus (Covid-19) Press Release

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Press Release

Message to Our Employees and Customers:

APEX Engineered Products is pleased to announce that it has received a waiver to the PA Governor’s Business Closure Order. We would like to thank Senator Michelle Brooks and her staff for their support and assistance during this process. APEX has demonstrated that we meet the standards of the Department of Homeland Security CISA Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce.

Our team is currently working on several Nickel, Titanium & Zirconium Heat Exchanger projects for customers who manufacture essential life-sustaining products. They include Chlorine, Bleach, Sanitizers, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Energy Transmission and Food.

We are grateful to our shop employees who have all volunteered to work during this crisis.The office team is working from home as much as possible.We have immediately instituted virtual inspections online so that customers can continue the execution of their hold and inspection points.

Documentation uploads, pictures and real-time vide footage is being used to comply with our Inspection and Test Plans.

All Employees and approved inspectors are complying with strict guidelines and recommendations to prevent the spread of all infectious disease.

Mark Grasso

President and CEO

Apex Engineered Product

IMPORTANT: In response to the stringent Coronavirus (Covid-19) guidelines and regulations, Apex Engineered Products can offer “Remote Inspection” services to all of its clients. Please learn about our “Remote Inspection” capabilities here

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