Apex Port Manatee, FL

Apex Port Manatee, FL

Shop Capacity and Capabilities

Located on 3 acres at the edge of the Port Manatee, the newly opened Apex Florida facility offers 10,000 square feet of shop space and 2,000 square feet of office space. This location provides our company with ease of truck, rail, and ocean/barge transportation for all sizes of Pressure Vessel Fabrications, Reactor Vessels, and Tanks.

The facility provides ASME R Stamp repairs, and by Spring of this year, will acquire National Board U stamp certification. Apex Manatee will also be set up as a Free Trade Zone Location to allow our Universal Titanium Distribution Warehouse to operate as a Secure Duty-Free facility.

With two recently installed Numeri-Centers, the site can drill very large diameter tube-sheets coupled with a 48” Vertical Turning Lathe that allows in-house fabrication of large flanges, nozzles, and other vessel components.

Numeri-Centers at Apex Engineered Products

Weld Quality has always been, and remains, at the top of our list of priorities, particularly as it relates to the fabrication and welding of High Alloy and Reactive Metals. We have added a host of positions to weld vessel joints in the flat position utilizing newly purchased FCAW, GMAW, GMAW-Pulsed, SMAW, SAW, and GTAW welding equipment. This significant capital investment ensures consistency and repeatability in delivering only the highest quality welds and fabrications.

Apex Manatee facility is staffed by six Experienced Engineers, Welders, and Machinists capable of delivering the highest-quality vessels, systems, sub-systems, and components.  Our Port Manatee operation is looking for experienced welders – please apply online.

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