Field Services For Chemical Plants & Production Facilities

Field Services For Chemical Plants & Production Facilities

Field Services For Chemical Plants And Facilities by Apex Engineered Products
Apex Field Services Repair at a major US chemical plant

Have you heard about Apex Engineered Products’ Field Services?  We are currently on our third reactor at a major chemical plant adding nozzles for spray balls to reduce this plant’s shutdowns and streamline the production processes.  Before the project began, our engineers performed all the necessary calculations and coordinated the AI Inspections. Why has this major chemical producer reached out to Apex Engineered Products Field Services Group? One of the main reasons is our reputation and the quality of our services. Each minute of plant stoppage translates into thousands of dollars in lost revenue. In this instance, we have been given a very tight window for every reactor and have passed AI Inspection for each nozzle on the first review!  Apex Engineered Products is the nation’s premier service provider, offering reliable, cost-effective field alterations and repairs, big and small alike – quickly, reliably, and affordably. No job is too big or small for Apex Engineered Products Field Services Group.

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