Apex Engineered Products Is Growing – Year-End Report

Apex Engineered Products Is Growing – Year-End Report

December 2021, Apex Engineered Products Meeting
Employee Meeting, December 2021

2021 was a year of unprecedented growth for Apex Engineered Products. An ever-increasing demand for our Industry-Leading Products and Services has brought forth expected challenges. We recognized them, addressed them, and forged forward – in a true “Apex Way”!

As 2021 is winding down, we have doubled our production output and brought in new Machining Centers, Positioners, Manipulators, and large capacity Bending Rolls.

Significant capital improvements at our Universal Titanium Fabrication Division at Port Manatee in Florida opened our access to the Gulf of Mexico to ship and receive completed products and materials.

Above all, we have maintained and improved upon our Quality Control Programs, Weld-Procedures, and Logistics – no small feat during these challenging Pandemic times.

Many of the products manufactured this year have made significant contributions to the production of medicines, safety, agriculture, food processing, defense, and others. We have also significantly broadened our footprint in Renewable Fuels, Carbon Capture, and Cryogenics.

We are ending this year with a sense of great accomplishment and pride in the job well done.

I would like to thank our employees and customers-partners personally for their trust and an opportunity to grow with them. No man is an island!

Thank you all,

Mark Grasso
President & CEO
Apex Engineered Products

January 10, 2022 Update

Construction underway at Apex Engineered Products Photo 6
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