Alloy 31 Plus Vertical Evaporator

Alloy 31 Plus Vertical Evaporator

Alloy 31 Plus Vertical Evaporator

Apex Engineered Products, Seaport Manatee Division completed the fabrication of a Vertical Evaporator for a major international agricultural fertilizer producer. Expertly designed and fabricated with Alloy 31 Plus Clad Tube Sheets and Alloy 31 Plus Tubing with a Carbon Steel Shell, the unit underwent additional Quality Control and reliability testing in Clark, Pennsylvania, before shipping.

The combination of the high Chromium content in Alloy 31 Plus Tubes provides excellent corrosion in concentrated Phosphoric Acid or SPA and minimal scaling of the tube ID’s, allowing evaporators concentrating the P2O5 to run longer between cleanouts — another outstanding APEX EP fabrication for a major Phosphoric Fertilizer producer.

Headquartered in Clark, Pennsylvania, with a satellite manufacturing facility in Florida, Apex Engineered Products is an industry leader in designing and fabricating specialty chemical process vessels for fertilizer producers worldwide.

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