Graphite Heat Exchangers For Sale

Surplus Mersen
Graphite Heat Exchangers For Sale!

Priced To Sell & Available For Immediate Delivery

Graphite Heat Exchangers For Sale!!

Mersen Surplus Heat Exchangers Available For Immediate Delivery

Priced to Sell, In Stock & Ready For Delivery!


Process Side

Nozzle Schedule

Inlet and outlet: 6”

Service side process capability: Acid, HCL or other liquid/service fluids

Outer Shell Diameter: 14”

Service Side

Service Inlet Nozzle:  4”

Service Outlet Nozzle:  1 1/2”

4 Graphite Grapholor Cylindrical Blocks: 12” Diameter Each

The blocks are interchangeable and can be re-serviced, reconditioned, replaced to accommodate for specific end-user service conditions.

Shell: 14” carbon steel blasted and painted with special coating

In order to re-engineer, APEX needs Process Conditions, including:  a) Temperature, b) Pressure, c) Flow Conditions

Download PDF Drawing

Design Conditions

Shell Side:   100 PSI @ 360°F

Process Side: 100 PSI @ 360°F

Once process conditions known, APEX will re-engineer the design conditions to meet the specific process needs.

Prior to the delivery, units will be tested and inspected per ASME, including gaskets, pressure for leaks, air, hydro, and others.

For more information, pricing, and delivery information, please e-mail