Zirconium Cooler Condenser Fabrication

Zirconium Cooler Condenser Fabrication

Apex Engineered Products delivered Zirconium 702 Cooler Condenser to a leading international chemical producer.  Designed and fabricated per ASME SECT. VIII, DIV 1, with 304L Stainless Steel Shell, Explosion Bonded SA-224-302L Zirconium 702 Tubesheet, Zirconium 702 Tubes, and 304L Baffles, the unit underwent a rigorous battery of spot checks, and tests including, Pressure Tests, Spot […]

Zirconium Vapor Flow Shroud & Mist Eliminator Pad Installation

Zirconium Vapor Flow Shroud & Mist Eliminator Pad Installation

Apex Engineered Products’ Florida-based Field Services crew experts were recently called upon to perform an emergency repair and install a Zirconium (Zr) Vapor Flow Shroud with Mist Eliminator Pad Supports for one of the world’s largest producers of rocket accelerants and fuels. While several shops offer similar services of this type, to meet a very […]

Zirconium 702 Fabrication for Aerospace Fuel Production

Zirconium fabrication for aerospace application - Photo 5

Apex Engineered Products delivered a Zirconium 702 fabrication for Aerospace Fuel Production. Constructed entirely of Zirconium 702, the vessel underwent precise cone forming and rolling and received an application of loose-lined Teflon at Apex Port Manatee facility in Florida. All welds underwent stringent CPT testing. The unit is slated for installation at the customer’s facility […]

Zirconium and Titanium Immersion Coils

Zirconium and Titanium immersion coils

Apex Palmetto Division delivered a set of Zirconium and Titanium immersion coils for a leading steel pickling and plating producer to be used in steam heating applications. For more information, please contact Evan Hinshaw at 919-429-0365

Zirconium Nitric Acid Condensers

Zirconium Nitric Acid Condensers Fabricated by Apex Photo 2

Apex Engineered Products is proud to announce the delivery of two Zirconium Nitric Acid Condensers to a leading North American fertilizer producer. Constructed entirely of Zirconium, the units underwent stringent testing and quality control checks before the delivery. Our long relationship with this customer spanning over 25 years and multiple site installations is a testimony […]