Custom Titanium Fabrication

Custom Titanium Fabrication Example

Apex Engineered Products provides Custom Titanium Fabrication Services in most Ti Grades, including Grades 2, 7, 11, and others.  We offer high-precision design services, machining and welding of many typical and not-so-typical Ti parts or systems, including, Fans, Coils, Baskets, Anodes, Diodes, Liners, Hooks, Brackets, Headers, Piping, and many other types of Titanium fabrications.  Our Feld Services […]

Titanium Grade 2 Heat Exchanger Fabrication

Titanium Grade 2 Heat Exchanger

Titanium Heat Exchanger Fabrication is one of the Apex Engineering Products’ foremost specialties.  This Titanium Grade 2 Heat Exchanger Fabrication was delivered to a leading North American producer of chlorine and sodium hydroxide where it has performed flawlessly for several years. It features Seamless Carbon Steel Shell, Titanium Grade 2 Channels, Ti Grade 2 Tubes, […]

Titanium Cooler Heat Exchanger

Titanium Cooler Heat Exchanger delivered to a leading North American chemical producer

Since its inception nearly 30 years ago, Apex Engineered Products has fabricated countless Titanium Heat Exchangers, among them this exceptional Titanium Chlorine Cooler Heat Exchanger.  Fabricated with Carbon Steel Shell, Titanium Tubes, Ti Tubesheet, Titanium Channels, and Ti Nozzles per ASME SECT VIII, DIV 1, the unit was strength welded, Hydro Tested, and received full […]

Titanium Coil Fabrication For Metals Producers

Jeno G. completed fabrication and welding of over 40 Titanium Coils.

Jeno G., Apex’s rising star in Reactive Metals’ fabrication and welding completed fabrication of over 40 Titanium Grade 2 coils for a leading international metals company.  Not a small feat for sure! Note, that a cleanroom must above all be clean!  Here, at Apex, we go to great lengths to keep our cleanroom just that […]

HCL Hydorchloric Acid Stripper Manufacturing

HCl, Hydrochloric Acid Stripper Manufacturing

Apex Engineered Products, an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of HCl, Hydrochloric Acid processing equipment, delivered an HCl Stripper to a leading international producer of agricultural goods and fertilizers.  Constructed entirely with Titanium (Ti) Grade 7 to ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1, the unit underwent extensive quality control and reliability testing, including, […]

Titanium Grade 2 Heat Exchanger Fabrication

Titanium Grade 2 Heat Exchanger Design & Fabrication

The design and fabrication of sophisticated High-Metal (Titanium, Niobium, Zirconium, Tantalum, and custom-engineered metals’) heat-exchangers is a well-known trademark of Apex Engineered Products – an industry leader in the design and fabrication of chemical process vessels for major producers worldwide. A major international chemical conglomerate commissioned Apex to design and fabricate this sophistical Titanium Grade […]

Titanium Grade 2 Piping Delivered

Titanium Grade 2 Piping Fabrication at Apex Engineered Products

Apex Continues Deliveries of Fiberglass Piping Upgrades for a Leading North American Bleach Producer with its Titanium Grade 2 Solution Apex Seaport Manatee Division delivered another batch of Titanium Grade 2 piping upgrades to to a leading North American Bleach producer.  Slated to replace the aging fiberglass piping solutions in place, the Manatee Shop once […]

Titanium Grade-2 Hub Fabrication

Titanium Grade-2 Hub

Apex Engineered Products, Seaport Manatee Division designed and fabricated this intricate Titanium Grade-2 Hub fabrication for a major international chemical producer to aid in the mixing and blending chemicals.  Featuring precisely machined and welded 24 Ti 300# Half-Coupling Connections, the unit underwent Spot RT and LPT Testing per ASME Section VIII Div. 1 before the […]

Titanium Vessels For Brine Processing

Titanium vessels for brine processing

Apex Seaport Manatee shop completed the fabrication of a Titanium (Ti-2) Tank and a Heat Exchanger for a major US food producer.  Expertly designed and fabricated to process brine, the vessels were 100% X-rayed and fully Hydro Tested, with 100% LP testing on all nozzles.  The heat exchanger was ASME “U” stamp certified prior to […]

Titanium Piping For Bleach Production

Titanium Pipe Spools for Bleach Production

North American Bleach Producer Upgrades Fiber Glass Piping with Apex Titanium Grade 2 Solution Aging fiberglass piping and tough transition joint piping led a North American Bleach Producer to upgrade to Titanium Grade 2 piping fabricated at APEX Engineered Products Seaport Manatee shop.  High-quality welds and tight tolerances were a challenge during this fabrication; however, […]