Ammonia Bypass Condenser

Titanium Ammonia Bypass Condenser - Photo 5

Application: Fertilizer Production / Ammonium Nitrate Plant Client: Major South American Chemical Producer Material of Construction: Titanium As the world struggles to feed its people, the Artisans at Apex are on the cutting edge of enhanced food production technology.  This titanium ammonia bypass condenser was contracted by a South American fertilizer producer to help improve crop […]

Hi-Precision Titanium Internals For An Emergency Scrubber

Hi-Precision Titanium Internals For An Emergency Scrubber - Photo 3

Even though it is destined to be mounted inside a massive 48 foot tall emergency scrubber (see this Vent Scrubber unit in a previous post), this module still requires the precision of a Swiss watch to meet performance expectations.  Because of our expertise in specialty metals, we recognize that special care must be taken during […]

Coil Fabrication & Welding: Titanium Ti-Grade 2 Immersion Coils

Titanium Grade 2 Coils Welding and Fabrication at Apex Engineered Products

You have probably heard about our prowess fabricating exclusive, elite vessels for a wide range of processes, but did you know that Apex is also an industry leader in bulk production?  Our Clean Room provides the perfect atmosphere for a tag team approach to expertly manufacturing coils and complimentary products.  Our artisans have produced as […]