Tantalum Heat Exchanger Fabrication

Tantalum Heat Exchanger Fabricated by Apex Engineered Products Photo 2

Tantalum Fabrication Highlights: When this customer needed a product with extraordinary dependability within the most extreme environments, they ordered a tantalum unit from the artisans at Apex.  Nearly immune to chemical attack by nature this unit with be highly resistant to the corrosion from the acids it will encounter during its production run.  Tantalum was […]

Tantalum Heat Exchangers For Carbon & Alloyed Products

Tantalum Heat Exchangers by Apex Engineered Products - Photo 10

When a Pennsylvania supplier of specialty carbon and alloyed products had a process that required the transfer of heat in an aggressively corrosive environment, they didn’t hesitate to call on the experts at APEX.  This heat exchanger built out of the rare, highly corrosion-resistant metal tantalum exceeds the requirements for toxic production situations and will […]